Private Golf Lessons

Does golf not seem fun to you? Are you intimidated by the sport? Are looking for that extra push to make you better? If any of these thoughts have ever entered your head, then private instruction can help. Our professional staff is here to help you no matter where you are in the game. If you are just beginning and looking to understand golf terms and the basics of the game or if you are trying to become a scratch golfer; we will get you to your goal.

Our Director of Golf, John Alexander, understands that every person is at a different stage of the game and has their own unique swing. Our staff will have an initial conversation to figure out where you are in the sport and help you figure out where you want to go and lay out some goals. Once a rapport between yourself and the professional have been created, a plan will be put together that is customized just for you. We have video equipment and software that can be used at your discretion that could help you understand more about your own swing. Are you little more casual and prefer to have a cold beverage during a lesson? We can arrange that as well!

We are here for you; our main goal is to see you continue to come back to the golf course and enjoy yourself while at the facility. Let us help you have fun! Playing lessons, video lessons, lesson packages are all available at TCC.

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